About us

We are a small, experienced team of creatives and developers based in southern Finland.  With over 30 years experience working in the games industry and cultural sector, we have a strong track record of delivering award-winning apps, games and experiences, in Finland and internationally.

We specialize in building tangible interactive installations that give you new ways to engage and grow your audience.  We can help you build richer stories around your business and develop apps that extend and enhance your customers experience.

Our services


We offer a complete app design and development service, from concept to publishing. We develop for mobile, desktop, TV, VR and more.  From simple apps to enterprise projects we can realise your ideas.


We use technology to create unique games and experiences tailored to you needs. We specialise in creating intuitive tactile interfaces using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and other technologies.


If you have and existing product or service we can help to make it more fun to use.  Increasing engagement and retention by offering a more fun and compelling game like experience.